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The mission of Troop 608 is to provide an opportunity for young men to experience Scouting in a safe and enjoyable environment; to instill the spirit of the Boy Scout Law, Oath, Motto and Slogan; and to introduce them to the principles of Scouting. The Troop will assist boys in fulfilling their potential in the community and will provide leadership opportunities commensurate with their rank and abilities. Leadership training is provided in order for them to excel in these positions.

Popcorn 2021

Posted on Aug 16 2021 - 8:51pm
We are kicking off popcorn! WHOOHOO!!! I know you all are excited as I am :) :) This is my first year handling popcorn so please bear with me lol
I sent a form out about popcorn at the beginning of August. Please make sure you fill that out if you haven't already, click here to fill out the form. If you are not interested in selling popcorn please fill out the form that you are not interested :) We are 100% good if you decide not to sell popcorn. However, a portion of whatever you sell goes directly to your scout account to pay for camping :)
This year we have several options to sell. We have fully online, individual, and traditional Show N' Sells. I have several Show N Sells reserved in September and October. I will have a paper sign-up at the head table next week for people to sign up this is just to gauge interest. PLEASE SIGN UP and put if you are available in the morning or afternoon. 
Please email me at michwolverine522@gmail.com and I will add your scout into the Trail's End system. Trails End is the platform for online sales, show n sell scheduling, and sign-up and order tracking. You will also be able to accept credit cards through the app :) You will also need to download the app. 

More to come :) Thank you for your support!!

Update Contact Information

Posted on Jul 26 2018 - 10:48am

It is your responsibility to ensure your contact information is up to date in our troop database.  Please send an email to webmaster@troop608.com if your  contact information on the website is incorrect.

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